How is our Show Created 

We Capturing the Magic with the power of RGB Smart Pixels

In 2020 we made the jump from a basic led animated display (where you could turn strands of lights on or off to music), to a smart pixels display were we could control every aspect of every light bulb individually to include color and brightness.

We started off with 4524, 12 volt regulated pixels with plans to expand over the years. Our lights are mounted into strips or props made out of Coro Plastic, but being a DYI hobby you can use your imagination and place them in just about anything. The lights are then connected to series a series of controller boxes strategically placed around our display. We then use a program called Xlights to sequence the lights to music, save it to our master controller that sends the sequences out to all the props and the music to our FM transmitter so that you can hear the music in your car.


This has been quite a journey and we look forward to sharing our knowledge with you as we expand our display. 




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RGB Smart 2811 Regulated Pixels
Icicle Coro Prop



This box controlled our Mega Tree



View of Xlights programing software


Single RGB 2811 Bulb

What is a Smart Pixel

How do they work

Unlike traditional led lights which are Just one color. RGB Smart Pixels have 3 lights in them one Red and Green and One Blue.  With the help of the computer chip in the bulb I can control the Hue of each bulb and brightness leading to 16,777,216 different color combinations. 


With the use of Xlights Software we can then control every light in our display individually. which is how we are able to synchronize the lights to music. The average 3 minute song can take any ware from 20 -60 hours of programing time depending on complexity of the effect and props. 

Types of Props we have

and the current number of pixels in them as of 2022.   

  • 13 Foot Mega Tree ( 3200 Pixels)
  • 3 foot Tree Star (270 Pixels) 
  • Matrix Over the Garage (1984 Pixels)
  • Icicles (420 pixels)
  • Pillar Matrix X 3  (500 Pixels Each) (new this year)
  • Sinning light bulb (150) (new this year)
  • Window Outline (145 Pixels)
  • Front Door Outline (125 Pixels)
  • Garage Outline (200 Pixels)
  • 3 Flood Lights
  • Triple Arches x 4 (150 Pixels Each)
  • 4 foot Snowflakes x 2 (450 Pixels Each) Christmas Only
  • 3 foot Candy Canes x 4 (150 Pixels Each)
  • 4 foot Praying Spiders x 2 (350 Pixels Each) Halloween Only
  • Tombstones x 4 (100 Pixels Each) Halloween Only

Total for our display in 2020 was  4,524 for Halloween and 4,124 for Christmas

Total for our display in 2021 was  90,55 for Halloween and 9,455 for Christmas     

Total for our display in 2022 is 95,47 for Halloween and 9,947 for Christmas